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Automotive Data Loggers and Recorders

Davis CarChip Pro (Includes Software)
  • Record up to 300 Hours of Trip Details
  • Trip Details includes: Date/Time, Distance Traveled and Speed
  • Provides Individual Graphs and Summary Reports
  • Records Extreme Acceleration and Braking
  • Includes Software and USB Cable
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Price: $99.00    Part Number: 8226
Davis CarChip Pro  (Includes Software)
Davis CarChip Fleet Pro Logger
  • Designed for Industrial Trucking and Commercial Fleet Vehicles
  • Records and Logs up to 1200 Hours of Driving Data
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Freeze-Frame Sensor Readings and the ability to Clear the Check Engine Light
  • Engine Performance Monitoring
  • Emissions Readiness Reports
  • Requires Fleet Management Software
  • GPS and Wireless Options Available
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Price: $149.00    Part Number: 8246
Davis CarChip Fleet Pro Logger
Davis DriveRight 600, OBDII Installation
  • Monitors and logs vehicle trip information including detailed driver performance data
  • Interactive LCD display allows you to set speed, acceleration and deceleration limits and to view trip data
  • Options for Fleet Management Software, GPS module and smart card system
  • Other versions available for vehicles without an OBDII port
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Price: $395.00    Part Number: 8126OBD
Davis DriveRight 600, OBDII Installation