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TracerDAQ™ Software

Powerful Strip Chart, Oscilloscope, Function Generator and Rate Generator Software

The TracerDAQ Software provides 4 different instrument applications to graphically display and output reports. The software allows you to customizing appearance and store various configurations.

TracerDAQ Software Consists of:
>> Strip Chart
>> Oscilloscope
>> Function Generator
>> Rate Generator

2 Versions of TracerDAQ Software:
>> TracerDAQ Basic (Included with purchase of MCC DAQ Device)
>> TracerDAQ Pro

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Features   Specifications   Pro Version Features

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Fully Configured and Ready-To-Run
To use the powerful Strip Chart or Oscilloscope applications, simply select the channels you'd like to display, the input ranges desired, the sample rate desired and click on run. It's as simple as that. The Strip Chart and Data Logger operate at sample rates up to 10 samples/second on up to 8 channels. The Oscilloscope application acquires, displays (and can save to disk) 500 sample sweeps of each selected channel up to a total of 4 channels. The scope application operates up to the maximum continuous sample rate of the DAQ hardware used.

Extremely Easy-to-Use
Using the data logger application is equally simple. You simply set up the data acquisition application as you would with the Strip Chart. Then click on the Data Logger button. An intuitive window opens up that allows you to select the file to receive the data and the data format (e.g. Excel*, ASCII text). Click on the run button and you’re logging data.

Pro Version Additional Features
The Pro Version of TracerDAQ will allow you to:
>> Generate Square, Triangle, Flat, Pulse, ramp, Random, and Arbitary Wave forms from a text file (.csv or .txt)
>> Set duty cycle, phase, gate ratio and rate multiplier options
>> Enable a Linear or Exponential Sweep of the Waveform
>> Generate Waves up to 20 Counter Output Channels in Rate Generator

Strip Chart
48-Channel Strip Chart Application for logging and Graphing Data from Analog, digital, counter and temperature inputs. Featured are sampling at the speed of the board (up to 1 million samples per channel), triggering using an internal software trigger, an external hardware trigger (or a timed interval trigger), the ability to set alarm conditions, add comments (annotations) to the display plot, and play back an acquisition.

A 4-Channel Oscilloscope displaying values acquired from analog inputs. Featured are sampling at the speed of the board, triggering using an internal software trigger or external hardware trigger, the ability to add a reference or a math cnnel, display specific measurement values for each channel, and scale chanel data.

Function Generator
A 16-Channel multi-waveform (sine, square, triangle, constant, saw tooth and custom). Function Generator application generates waveforms for analog outputs at the maximum rate of the device. The function generator displays the sample waveform, samples per cycle, internal scan rate, and base frequency of the selected analog channel output signal. the user can perform linear and logarithmic sweeps, and change the phase, duty cycle, rate multiplier, and gate ration of the waveform.

Rate Generator
A 20-Channel Rate Generator Displays the samle waveform, samples per cycle, internal scan rate, and base frequency of the selected counter/timer channel output. The user can change the frequency, duty cycle, and initial state of the waveform.