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HOBO Weather DataLogger Sensor Accessories

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Solar Radiation Shield for Weather Data Loggers
Solar Radiation Shield


  • Assure temperature and RH measurement accuracy by protecting sensors from the effects of sunlight and rain
  • Preassembled for quick deployment


  • Multi-plate construction for maximum airflow
  • Mounting bracket attaches to vertical surface or poles 3.2 cm to 4.1 cm (1 1/4" to 1 5/8") outside diameter; u-bolts included
  • Includes mounting brackets for temperature or temperature/RH smart sensors.
  • Dimensions: 15 cm high x 21 cm wide x 19 cm diameter (6.0" high x 8.4" wide x 7.4" diameter)
  • Approximate Weight: 1.9 kg (4.2 lbs)

Part Number: M-RSA
Price: $116.00
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Cross Arm for HOBO Weather Data Loggers
Half Cross Arm


  • Provides direct mounting for windspeed sensor
  • Use with 2 or 3 meter tripod for unobstructed wind speed measurement


  • Half cross arm offers good sensor separation (48.7cm/19.2") and unobstructed windspeed measurement
  • Cross arm constructed of 3.2 cm (1 1/4") square aluminum tubing
  • Includes mounting hardware which attaches directly to Onset masts and tripods
  • Approximate Weight: Half cross arm: 0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)

Half Cross Arm  M-CAB, $50.00
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Light Sensor Bracket for HOBO Weather Data Loggers
Light Sensor Bracket

The light sensor bracket is designed for use with tripods, masts or flat surfaces. Use to avoid obstructions and shadows that could affect your PAR or solar radiation measurements. Includes levelling screws.


  • Light sensor bracket positions PAR sensor for optimal measurement accuracy when used with a 2 or 3 meter tripod 
  • Precision leveling of the light sensor is made easy by three thumb screws
  • Survival in winds up tp 120 mph
  • Easy installation


  • Extends out 38 cm and up 23 cm (out 15" and up 9")
  • Attach to vertical surfaces or poles 3.2 cm to 4.1 cm (1 1/4" x 1 5/8") in external diameter
  • Approximate Weight: 0.5 kg (1lb)

Part Number: M-LBB
Price: $32.00
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Light Sensor Level for HOBO Weather Data Loggers
Light Sensor Level

Simply drop the light sensor level over the PAR or solar radiation sensor to determine if the sensor is level. Purchase one for use on any number of light sensors.


  • Horizontal circular bubble level; 45 minutes per 2.5 mm (0.1") out of center bubble
  • Tolerance on sensitivity is ±10 minutes
  • Constructed of PVC with chrome-plated brass and glass level
  • Approximate Weight: 10 g (0.3 oz)
  • Dimensions: 3.8 cm diameter x 3.2 cm height (1 1/2" diameter x 1 1/4" height)

Part Number: M-LLA
Price: $39.00
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Sensor Extension Cables

Smart Sensor Extension Cables for HOBO Weather Data LoggersSmart Sensor Extension Cables can be used individually, or be connected together to facilitate optimal sensor placement. Available in 5 m, 10 m and 25 m lengths (16.4', 32.8' and 82' respectively), the Smart Sensor Extension Cables have anti-snag protectors over the tab on the RJ11 connectors and are compatible with HOBO Weather Station smart sensors as well as the external sensors for the HOBO U14-002 Data Logger

Smart Sensor Extension Cables add to the length of a HOBO Weather Station's smart sensor cable and count towards the 100 m cable length limit for each logger. A weatherproof housing (S-EXT-CASE) is required for all connections that will be outside or in condensing environments. 

Weight: 5 m cable: 88 gms (3.1 oz); 10 m cable: 176 gms (6.2 oz); 25 m cable: 440 gms (15.7 oz)

2m Extension Cable: S-EXT-M002, $20.00
5m Extension Cable: S-EXT-M005, $28.00
10m Extension Cable: S-EXT-M010, $33.00
25m Extension Cable: S-EXT-M025, $50.00
Weatherproof Housing: S-EXT-CASE, $30.00

1 to 2 Sensor Communication Adapter

For use in applications requiring more than 10 sensor inputs; allows system to be expanded to accommodate up to 15 sensors. Purchase one 1 to 2 Sensor Communication Adapter for each sensor over 10.

Part Number: S-ADAPT
Price: $11.00

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Description Part Number Qty 1-4 Qty 5+  
Solar Radiation Shield (Assembled)M-RSA
Half Cross Arm (Supports only 1 Wind Speed or Wind Direction Sensor)M-CAB
Light Sensor BracketM-LBB
Light Sensor LevelM-LLA
Smart Sensor Extension Cable - 2 Meter LengthS-EXT-M002
Smart Sensor Extension Cable - 5 Meter LengthS-EXT-M005
Smart Sensor Extension Cable - 10 Meter LengthS-EXT-M010
Smart Sensor Extension Cable - 25 Meter LengthS-EXT-M025
Weatherproof Connection Housing for Smart SensorsS-EXT-CASE2
1 to 2 Sensor Communication Adapter (Note: Purchase Quantity: 2 Minimum)S-ADAPT
1 to 2 Sensor Communication Adapter with 5in Extension Cable (Limited Quantity: 3 Available)S-ADAPT-5--U--
1 to 2 Sensor Communication Adapter with 5in Extension CableS-ADAPT-5
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  • A HOBO Micro Station Data Logger and HOBOware Software is required for operation of any of the Smart Sensors.

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