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BoxCar Pro 4.3 For Windows

Part Number:  BCP4.3-ON
Price:   $125.00

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Includes: BoxCar Pro software, interface cable and manual offers two Windows applications for logger and data management when using Hobo or Stowaway data loggers. BoxCar Pro 4.3 is a powerful enhanced version of BoxCar 3.7, offering added features for graphing, data analysis, data export and simultaneous management of multiple loggers. BoxCar 3.7 provides basic launch, data readout, plotting and data export capabilities.

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Easy Logger Setup

  • Select from predefined sampling intervals (0.5 seconds to 9 hours) or program your own custom intervals
  • Set start time and memory modes (e.g., stop when full, wrap-around when full)
  • Verify logger operation before launching
  • Synchronizes logger and data shuttle clocks to computer clock
  • Checks battery status


Powerful new graphing capabilities allow you to compare multiple parameters on one graph, including data from multiple loggers or successive deployments. Then use the zoom and axis-control tools to focus in on the data of interest.

  • Add new data series from stored files or drag-and-drop from one plot onto another
  • Multiple value axis on one graph, such as temperature and RH
  • View data from successive deployments on one graph to see long-term trends
  • Overlay data from different deployments, to compare month-to-month, or before-and-after
  • Focus on data of interest with powerful zoom and drag tools
  • Set axis ranges
  • Use cursor to display specific plot values
  • Display series data and details such as launch parameters and series statistics
  • Add limit lines to the graph
  • Copy and paste graphs into other Windows programs
  • Control axis, series and legend properties

Analysis Functions

The following analysis functions can be used to extract key information from logged data. These functions actually create new data series, which can be graphed or exported. These functions filter data over user-specified intervals that can be in seconds, minutes, hours or days

On/off and State logger data:
  • Run time and off time (closed time and open time) in seconds
  • Percent on and percent off (percent closed and percent open)
  • Number of ons and offs (number of opens and closes)
Event logger data:
  • Rainfall per time interval
  • Number of events

Export data to other programs
  • Control bar tool for Microsoft Excel export (.TXT format)
  • Lotus 1-2-3 and custom export
  • International data format options
Other features
  • Print graphs and series details
  • Print preview
  • Multiple logger launch
  • Long file names (up to 255 characters)
  • International data format options
  • Thumbnail view for showing many plots on screen at once
BoxCar®Pro 4.3 System Requirements:

Minimum system requirement is a PC system running Windows® XP/2000/Me/98. The system must have at least one available serial COM port, a CD-ROM Drive, a 16-bit minimum color display, and 10MB of available disk space.

New Features in BoxCar Pro 4.3
The newest version of BoxCar Pro is now available. Version 4.3 of BoxCar Pro adds the following:

  • Support for all of Onset’s newest data loggers, including the HOBO Weather Station, the HOBO Water Temp Pro and the HOBO LCD Family.
  • Support for PCs that have power conservation modes that turn off their serial ports (support for PCs with power conservation is provided in versions and later.)

USB Serial Adapter

Optional USB Serial Adapter easily connects HOBO and StowAway data loggers and shuttles to available USB ports on PCs. This adapter’s male DB9 RS-232 connector connects directly to the PC interface cable supplied in BoxCar Pro starter kits. BoxCar Pro version 4.3 or later is required. 

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