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Onset HOBOware Software

Onset Data Logger Software Available in Standard and Pro Versions

HOBOware Features:
>> Simple Menus for Fast, Easy Logger Setup and Readout
>> Scaling to Real-World Engineering Units
>> Presentation Quality Graphs
>> Easy Export of Data Files to Text or Excel Format
HOBOware Pro Features:
>> Time-Saving tools for fast setup and readout
>> Advanced Plotting Tools for more Precise Data Analysis
>> Access to Data Assistants for Post-Processing Data

HOBOware Software is Now Available as a Free Download.

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HOBOware Comparison Chart

Features Description HOBOware HOBOware Pro
Support for U-Series Loggers Launch, Readout, Status and Export
Support for HOBO U30, H22 &H21 Launch, Readout, Status and Export
Support for HOBO Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen & Water Level Loggers Launch, Readout, Status, Export, Data Assistants, ect...
Configure HOBO FlexSmart Modules Configure Modules for H22 Or U30
Support for HOBO U-Shuttle and HOBO Waterproof Shuttle Offload & Relaunch Supported Loggers
File Support for HOBO H-Series Loggers Open a .DTF BoxCar File
Multi-Language Support English, Spanish, French, German & Portuguese
Firmware Upgrade Tool Upgrage UX Series Firmware
Support for ZW Data Nodes HOBOnode Manager
Launch Supported Loggers Set up Logger by Specifying Parameters and Launch (Start)
Launch Time-Saving Options Launch (Start) Many Loggers Quickly all to the Same Settings
Check Logger Status & View Current Readings Displayed in the Status Window
Filters to Extract Key Series Information at Launch As Part of Launch Setup Create a Filtered Series that Automatically Calculates Additional Values at Readout
Linear Scaling at Launch Convert Raw Data to Measurement Units from the Launch Screen
Pulse Scaling at Launch Convert Data Recorded from a 3rd Party Pulse Output Sensor to Measurement Units from the Launch Screen
Readout and Open-File Time Saving Options Allows you to Skip a Number of Default Actions
Save (Project) Changes A Project File (.hproj) is a Plot that has been Customized in the Software
Export Preferences Customize Date, Time, File Type and other Format Options
Export Format (.CSV, .TXT, .XLS) Export Dataset to CSV,TXT or XLS File
Bulk Export Tool Helpful in Exporting Multiple Files at Once
Import Text Data Import and Graph non-HOBOware Data in Certain Text Files
Copy Graph to Clipboard Allows you to Copy Graph to be used in other Programs such as Power Point or Word
Graphing Display Data Series in a Plot
Setting Properties Set Preferences for Series, Axis & Plots
Graph Labels Add Labels to Identify Specific Points or Call Attention to a Region of the Graph
Zooming, Panning & Smart Scaling Plots Adjust the Viewing Area of the Plot
Pie Charts Pie Charts for UX90's with State Series that you can View, Print, & Save as .png File
Copy a Series Copy a Series from one Plot to Another. Also Allows you to Combine Synchronous and Asynchronous Data Sets
Overlaying a Series Compare Data With Different Time Axis
Cropping a Series Remove Data from a Series by Changing the Time Frame
Merging Data Files Combine Multiple Datafiles from a Deployment into one File. Must be of the Same Type and Name and there Cannot be an Overlap in the Time.
Subset Statistics Tool Select a Range of Data in a Graph and Display the Min, Max, Average and Standard Deviation
21 CFR Part 11 Compliant FDA Requirements on Electronic Records
Dissolved Oxygen Data Assistant Corrects for Measurement Drift from Fouling, Provides Salinity-Adjusted DO Concentration and Percent Saturation Data
Conductivity Data Assistant Conversion to Specific Conductance, Salinity and Enables Start/End-Point Calibration to Compensate for Fouling
Growing Degree Days Data Assistant Measurement of Growth Potential Given Historical Temperature Data. Can Measure Crop or Pest Maturity, Given the Input Parameters
Grains Per Pound Data Assistant Also known as Humidity Ratio or Mixing Ratio. Measures the Mass in Grains of H2O in Otherwise Dry Air.
Barometric Compensation Data Assistant Compensates Water Level Measurements for Barometric Pressure
Linear Scaling Data Assistant Converts Raw Logger Data to Measurement Units
Pulse Scaling Data Assistant Allows you to Convert Data Recorded from a 3rd Party Pulse Sensor to the Actual Measurement Units
kWh Assistant Converts Logger Pulse to kWh, Average kW, and Energy Cost with WattNode, Veris or other Energy Transducers

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HOBOware Pro Software Kit HOBOware Pro Software Kit
>> Logger Management, Data Graphing and Data Analysis
>> Includes Software, USB Interface Cable and Getting Started Guide
>> Compatible with Windows and Mac Operating Systems
>> Supports Data Shuttles, Data Assistants, Plugins and Weather Stations
Price: $99.00
Part #: BHW-PRO-CD

Standard Type A to Mini B USB Cable Standard Type A to Mini B USB Cable
>> Type A to Mini B
>> 6 feet long
>> Coated in Black Plastic
Price: $9.00