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PowerScout 24 Energy and Power Meter with Serial or Ethernet Communications

PowerScout 24 Power Meter

Dent Instruments Multi-Circuit Monitor Supporting ModBus TCP or BacNet IP Over an RS-422/485 or Ethernet Connection

Part Number: PS24-D-S

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  • Measures over 50 Parameters for Energy Measurement, Monitoring and Diagnostics

  • Connect up to 24 Splilt-Core or RoCoil Rogowski-Style CTs (Sold Separately)

  • Outputs to a RS-422/485 Serial or Ethernet Port Supporting BACnet and Modbus Protocols

  • Patented PhaseChek™ LED Indicators Guarantee Correct CT Orientation

  • Line-Powered 60 to 600 Volt Phase-Phase Power Supply

  • Features 8 Individual Meter Scalars for Using Mini-Hinged CTs and RoCoils on Same Meter

  • Positive and Negative Value Registers for Use in Co-generation and Net Metering

  • USB Port for Setup and Configuration Away from Electrical Panel

  • 5 Volt DC, 200 mA Output for Powering Other Devices (Radio or Gateway)

  • Support for RTU or Pulse Counting Devices with Built-in 8 Digital Outputs

  • Includes ViewPort Utility Software

Current Transformers (CTs) Sold Separately

Special order - please allow 5-7 business days for this item to ship.


Specifications for PowerScout 24 Power Meter

Service Type Single Phase, Split Phase, Three Phase, Three Phase Delta, Four Wire (WYE)
Power From L1 Phase to L2 Phase. 80 to 600 Volts AC CAT III 50/60 Hz, 70 mA Max. Non-User Replaceable. 0.5 Amp Internal Fuse Protection
Voltage 80-346 Volts AC Line-to-Neutral, 600 Volts Phase-to-Phase, CAT III
Current Number of Channels: 24
0.67 Volts AC Max, 333 mV CTs , 0 to 5,000 Amps Depending on CT
Max. Current Input 200% of Current Transformer (CT) Rating (mv CTs)
Measure up to 5000 Amps with RoCoil Cts
Measurement Type True RMS Using High Speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Line Frequency 50/60Hz or 400 Hz
Waveform Sampling 12 kHz Voltage and Current
Measurements Volts, Amps, kW, kWh, kVAR, kVARh, kVA, kVAh
Apparent Power Factor (aPF)
Displacement Power Factor (dPF)
All Parameters for Each Phase and for System Total
Accuracy 1% (<0.5% typical) for V, A, kW, kVAR, kVA, PF
Resolution 0.01 Amp, 0.1 Volt, 0.01 Watt, 0.01 VAR, 0.01 VA, 0.01 Power Factor Depending on Scalar Setting
Indicators Red and Green LEDs: 1 LED to Indicate COmmunication, 3 LEDs for Correct CT-to-Phase Installation (per meter element)
Communications Type: Modbus or BACnet MS/TP
Baud Rate: 9600 (Modbus Default), 19200, 38400, 57600, 76800 (BACnet default), 115200
Data Formats: Modbus or BACnet
Max. Distance: 1200 Meters with Data Range of 100K bits/second or Less
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None, Even, Odd
Stop Bits: 2, 1, 0
Operating Range Temperature: -7°C to 60°C (-20°F to 140°F)
Humidity: 5% to 95% RH
Enclosure PC UL 94 5V (optional)
Weight PowerScout 24 w/o Enclosure: 369 grams (13 oz.)
PowerScout 24 w/ Enclosure: 610 grams (21.5 oz.)
Dimensions PowerScout 24 w/o Enclosure: 255mm x 165mm x 320mm (10.0" x 6.5" x 1.3")
PowerScout 24 w/ Enclosure: 610 grams (21.5 oz.)

ModBus Register Assignments

Detailed Register Description
System True Energy (kWh) Individual Phase - Phase Voltages
Instantaneous Total True Power (kW) Line Frequency (Hz)
Peak Demand
(Adjustable Demand Window
15 min Typical) (kW)
Individual Phases True Energy (kWh)
Maximum Instanteous Power (kW) Individual Phases True Power (kW)
Minimum Instanteous Power (kW) Individual Phases Reactive Energy (kVARh)
Total Net Reactive Energy (kVARh) Individual Phases Reactive Power (kVAR)
Total Reactive Power (kVAR) Individual Phases Apparent Energy (kVAh)
Total Apparent Energy (kVAh) Individual Phases Apparent Power (kVA)
Total Apparent Power (kVA) Individual Phases Apparent Power Factor (aPF)
System Displacement Power Factor (dPF) Individual Phases Displacement Power Factor (dPF)
System Apparent Power Factor (aPF) Individual Phases Current (Amps)
Total Current in All Phases (Amps) Individual Phases Line to Neutral Voltages (Volts)
Average Line -- Line Voltage (Volts) Individual Phases Line to Line Voltages (Volts)
Average Line -- Neutral Voltage (Volts) Multiple Meters External data Synchronization

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  • Answer:

    You need to be on the upstream side of the VFD. The meter has a fix frequency and is not capable of handling variable frequencies

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