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Onset HOBO™ Accessories

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  1. Onset HOBO M-LBB Light Sensor Bracket



    Onset Light Sensor Bracket

    • Designed for Use With Tripods, Masts or Flat Surfaces
    • Used to avoid Obstructions and Shadows Affecting Measurements
    • Positions PAR Sensor for Optimal Measurement Accuracy
    • Attaches to Vertical surfaces or Poles 3.2 cm to 4.1cm (1.25" to 1 5/8") in External Diameter

    Includes Leveling Screws

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  2. Onset HOBO M-LLA Light Level Sensor



    Onset Light Sensor Level

    • Determines if the PAR or Solar Radiation Sensor is Level
    • Horizontal Circular Bubble Level: 45 Minutes per 2.5mm (0.1") Out of Center Bubble
    • Tolerance or Sensitivity: ±10 Minutes
    • Weight: 10 grams (0.3 oz)
    • Dimensions: 3.8 cm x 3.2 cm (1.5" x 1.25")
    • Constructed of PVC with Chrome-Plated Brass and Glass Level
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  3. Onset HOBO RS3-B Pre-Assembled Solar Radiation Shield



    Onset Pre-Assembled Solar Radiation Shield

    • Protective Shield Designed to Obtain More Accurate Temperature and Humidity Measurements in Direct Sun
    • Can be Mounted on a Pole, Post or Flat Vertical Surface
    • Pre-Assembled for Easy Deployment
    • Multi-plate Construction for Maximum Airflow
    • Enclosure Can Be Easily Opened for Offloading Data

    Includes Mounting Bracket, Cable Ties, Knurled Nuts, Screws and Hose Clamp

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  4. Onset HOBO U-DT-1 U-SHuttle Data Transporter



    Onset U-Shuttle Data Transporter

    • Pocket-Sized Shuttle for Readout and Relaunch HOBO Data Loggers
    • Syncs Data Logger Clocks and Relaunch
    • View Readings on LCD Display
    • Direct USB Connection to PC Computer
    • Requires HOBOWare PRO Software
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  5. Onset HOBO S-ADAPT-X5-10 U30 Sensor Input Expander



    Onset U30 Adapter Kit

    • Increases the number of U30 Sensor Inputs from 5 to 10

    Includes Weatherproof Cable entry Points and (2) Cables

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  6. Onset HOBO Voltage Input Cable with 0 to 2.5 Voltage Range



    Onset 0 to 2.5 Volts DC Voltage Input Cable - CABLE-2.5-STEREO

    • Input Range: 0 to 2.5 Volts
    • 13mm (0.5") Tinned Braided Wire Leads
    • Cable Length: 1.8 Meters (6 Feet)
    • Use Indoor and Outdoor Environments
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  7. Mounting Bracket for Onset HOBO ZW Series Wireless Data Node. Includes Mounting Bracket and Screws



    Mounting Bracket for ZW Series Wireless Nodes

    • Mounting Accessory for ZW Wireless Nodes
    • Allows Orientation of ZW Node to Desired Position for Better Communications

    Includes Mounting Bracket and Screws

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  8. Onset HOBO Mounting Feet Kit for the H22 Energy Data Logger



    Onset H22 Mount Feet Kit

    • Permanent Mounting Using 3/8 Flathead Screws (Included)

    Compatible with Onset HOBO H22 Energy Data Logger

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  9. Onset HOBO Base-U-4 Optic USB Base Station



    BASE-U-4 Optic USB Base Station

    • Used to Offload Data from Data Logger with Optic USB Interface
    • Base Station Connects to Computer with USB Cable and Connects to Logger with Coupler
    • Optical Interface to Logger Eliminates Unreliable Connectors
    • Includes (5) Separate Coupler Versions

    Compatible with Onset Pendant, U20 Water Level, U22 Water Temp, TidbiT and U23 Pro V2 Data Loggers

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  10. Onset HOBO HOUSING-U2X Underwater Protective Housing



    Onset Underwater Protective Housing

    • Designed to Provide Added Protection from Debris And Allows Water to Move Freely In and Out
    • Easy Deployment in a Variety of Water Monitoring Applications
    • Housing Material: PVC
    • Weight: 229 grams (8.1 oz.)
    • Dimensions: 51mm x 235mm (2.0" x 9.25")

    Includes (6) Cable Ties

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