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Onset HOBO™ Sensors and Probes

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  1. Onset HOBOnet RXW-WCF-XXX Wireless Wind Speed and Direction Sensor



    Onset HOBOnet Wireless Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

    • Wireless Sensor for Measurements of 0 to 76 m/sec (Wind Speed) and 0 to 355 degrees (Wind Direction)
    • ±1.1 m/sec (Wind Speed) and ±7 degrees (Wind Direction) Accuracy
    • 450 to 600 Meter Wireless Range and up to 5 Extended Hops with a Wireless Repeater
    • Simple Push Button Setup for Joining a HOBOnet Wireless Network
    • Powered by a Rechargeable AA Batteries and Built-In Solar Panel or Lithium Batteries
    • Designed to Meet WHO (World Meteorological Organization) Guidelines
    • Available in 3 Different Wireless Radio Frequencies: 900 MHz (United States), 868 MHz (Europe) and 922 MHz (Australia/New Zealand)

    A Complete System Requires an RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station, HOBOnet Wireless Manager and HOBOnet Wireless Sensor

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  2. Onset HOBO S-WDA-M003 Wind Direction Sensor



    Onset Wind Direction Sensor

    • Research Grade Plug-and-Play Wind Direction Sensor
    • 0 to 355 Degree (5 Degree Dead Band) Measurement Range
    • Average Wind Wind Direction in Sampling Interval
    • Injected Molded Housing & Vane with Static Dissipating Base
    • Long Sensor Life withStainless Steel Ball Bearings and Static Dissipating Housing

    An Full Cross Arm (#M-CAA) or Half Cross Arm #(M-CAB) is Required for Mounting

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  3. Onset HOBO S-WSB-M003 Wind Speed Sensor



    HOBO Wind Speed Smart Sensor

    • Uses 3-Cup Anemometer
    • Plug-In Modular Connection
    • Measurement Range: 0 to 76 m/s (0 to 170 mph)
    • Accuracy: ±1.1 m/s (2.4 mph) or 4% of Reading Whichever is Greater
    • Cable Length: 3 Meters
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  4. Onset HOBO S-LWA-M003 Leaf Wetness Sensor with 3 Meter Cable



    Onset Leaf Wetness Smart Sensor

    • Uses a Capacitive Grid (Less Sensitive to Surface Residues) to Measure Leaf Wetness
    • 0 (Dry) to 100% (Wet) Measurement Range with ±5% Repeatability
    • Less Than ±5% per Year Stability
    • Plug-in Modular Connector for Easy Connection to Onset Micro Station or U30 Remote Systems
    • 3 Meter Cable Length and 20cm Mounting Bracket

    Includes Mounting Bracket, 3 Meter Cable, U-Bolts and Tie Wraps

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  5. Onset HOBO S-SMD-M005 Soil Moisture Sensor



    Onset Soil Moisture Smart Sensor

    • Measures a 1-liter Volume of Soil for More Accurate Picture of Average Soil Moisture
    • Sensor Uses a High Frequency Circuit for Accuracy Even in High Salinity and Sandy Soils
    • ±3% Accuracy in Most Soil Conditions and ±2% with Soil Specific Calibration
    • 0 to 0.570 m3/m3 (Volumetric Water Content) Measurement Range

    Compatible with Onset HOBO Micro Weather Station and U30 Remote Monitoring Systems

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  6. Onset HOBO S-LIA-M003 PAR Photosynthetic Light Sensor



    Onset PAR Photosynthetic Light Sensor

    • Measures the Light Range that Effects Photosynthesis (PAR - Photosynthetically Active Radiation)
    • 400 nm to 700 nm Frequency Measurement Range with ±5 umol.m2/sec or ±5%
    • -40°C to 75°C Operating Temperature Range
    • Constructed of Anodized Aluminum Housing with Acrylic Diffuser and O-Ring Seal

    Includes 3 Meter Cable Length

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  7. Onset HOBO S-SMC-M005 Echo2 Soil Moisture Sensor



    Onset Soil Moisture Sensor with 5 cm Probe

    • Measures Soil Water Content from 0 to 0.450 m3/m3 (0 to 45%)
    • Integrates with the ECH2) Sensor and a 12-Bit A/D
    • 4% Accuracy in Typical Soil Conditions and 2% in Soil-Specific Calibration
    • 5 cm Probe Length and 5 Meter Cable Length
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  8. Onset HOBO Rainfall Smart Sensor. Available in Inches or Metrics



    Onset Rain Gauge Sensor

    • Measures Rainfall up to 5.0" (12.7 cm) per Hour and Accuracy of 1.0%
    • Tipping Bucket Mechanism is Mounted on a Stainless Steel Shaft with Brass Bearings
    • Constructed of Aluminum Housing and Collector
    • Available in English or Metric Versions
    • Includes 2 Meter Cable and Brackets for Post or Tripod Mount
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  9. Onset HOBO S-LIB-M003 Solar Radiation Sensor Using Silicon Pyranometer



    Onset Solar Radiation Sensor

    • Measure Solar Radiation Light Levels Using Silicon Pyranometer
    • 0 to 1280 W/m2 Measurement Range over a Spectral Range of 300 to 1100 nm
    • Records the Average Light Intensity over the Pre-Determined User-Set Logging Interval
    • -40°C to 75°C Operating Temperature Range
    • Housing Constructed of Anodized Aluminum and Acrylic Diffuser and O-Ring Seal
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  10. Onset HOBO RG3 Rain Gauge with Data Logging



    Onset Data Logging Rain Gauge

    • Fully Self-Contained Battery-Powered Rainfall Data Collection and Recording System
    • Automatically Records up to 160" (or 320 cm) of Rainfall Data with Time/Stamp Every 0.01" (0.2 mm)
    • Constructed of Field-Proved Corrosion-Resistant Components, Aluminum Housing and Stainless Steel Shaft
    • Available in English or Metric Versions
    • Includes HOBO Pendant Event Data Logger, (2) Hose Clamps and (3) Screws

    Requires Optic Base Station or Shuttle Data Transporter , USB Cable and HOBOware Software (Available as A Download)

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