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Sensaphone Accessories

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  1. Sensaphone FGD-0010 Wire for Connecting Sensors to Sensaphone Units



    50 ft 22-Gauge Accessory Wire

    • Connects Sensors to External Inputs
    • Shielded Wire
    • 50 Foot Length
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  2. Sensaphone FGD-W610-B Backup Battery Module



    Sensaphone Backup Battery Module

    • Provides Uninterrupted Backup Power when Main Power Fails
    • Up to 2 Hours of Backup Power
    • Battery is Monitored by Charge Control Circuitry to Keep it Fully Charged
    • Compatible with the FDG-WEB600
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  3. Sensaphone FGD-0220 J Type Thermocouple to 4-20mA Converter



    J Type Thermocouple /4-20mA Converter

    • Allows you to Use J Type Thermocouple with a Sensaphone
    • Converts J-Type Thermocouple to 4-20mA Input Signal
    • Compatible with any Sensaphone with 4-40mA Inputs
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  4. Sensaphone FGD-0006 Magnetic Reed Switch



    Magnetic Reed Switch

    • Detects Entry or Intrusion
    • Use on Most Windows or Doors
    • Requires Wire (#FGD-0010) to Connect to Web600 Input
    • Wire Several Switches Together in a Series
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  5. Sensaphone FGD-0007 Infrared Motion Detection Sensor



    Infra-Red Motion Detector

    • Detects Movement within a Forty Foot Area
    • Designed to Monitor Unauthorized Entry or Intrusion
    • Requires Cable (#FGD-0010)
    • Multiple Motion Sensors can be Wired Together in a Series
    • Battery LIfe about 3 to 5 Years
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  6. Sensaphone FGD-0049-B Smoke Detector 120 VAC w/ Battery Backup



    Smoke Detector 120 VAC w/ Battery Backup

    • Requires Hard-Wired 120VAC 60Hz Power
    • Two Sets of Dry Alarm Contacts: One Form-A SPST and One Form-C SPDT
    • Tandem Interconnect Capability Allowing up to 6 Devices to be Connected Together
    • Battery Backup
    • 90dBA Audible Horn is Included
    • Compatible with all Sensaphone Models
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  7. Sensaphone FGD-0067 Power Surge Protector



    Power & Phone Mini Surge Protector

    • Protection from High Voltage Surges Through AC Power and Telephone Lines
    • (2) LEDs Confirm Suppressor "Protection Present" and "Grounded" Statuses
    • Voltage Compatibility: 120 Volts AC
    • Output Capacity: 15 Amps
    • Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.5" 1.75"
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  8. Sensaphone FGD-0053 Power Supply



    24VDC Power Supply for Humidity 4-20mA Transmitter

    • Required For Any Sensor Needing a 24 Volt DC Power Supply
    • 24 VDC
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  9. Sensaphone FGD-0205 Multi-Point Wireless I/O



    Multi-Point Wireless I/O

    • Connects Dry Contacts and 4-20mA Transducers to a Sensaphone that is too Far to Run a Cable
    • System replicates these Sensors up to 600’ Indoors or up to 4 miles Line of Site (Flat Terrain/Raised Antennas)
    • Includes Matched 1 Watt 900MHz Transmitter and Receiver, (2) 24V Power Supplies, and Omni-Directional Antenas
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  10. Sensaphone XFR-0041 Power Supply



    Power Supply for WSG30 Wireless Sensors

    • Power Supply for all WSG30 Sensors Except Zone Water Sensor
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