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Star-Oddi DST Nano Series Data Loggers and Recorders

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  1. Star Oddi Nano-T Temperature Data Recorder



    DST nano Miniature Temperature Data Recorder

    • 6mm Diameter and 17mm Length and Weight of 1 Gram Makes it One of the World's Smallest Recording Devices
    • Housing Material is Composed of Alumina and a Biocompatible Epoxy
    • Stores up to 43,476 Total Samples/Readings
    • 0°C to 45°C Measurement Range with ±0.2°C Accuracy
    • 14 Month Battery Life with 25 Year Data Retention

    Requires a Communication Box (#COM-BOX) and PC Software (#SEASTAR or #MERCURY)

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  2. Star-Oddi DST-NANORF-T Temperature Data Recorder w/ RF Communications



    DST Nano Telemetry Temperature Recorder

    • Temperature Measurement Range of 5°C to 45°C with ±0.2°C Accuracy
    • Wireless Transmission (Telemetry) of Temperature Data from Animals to PC
    • Stores up to 5,248 Measurement Readings
    • 10 Month Battery Life @ 10 Minute Sample Rate
    • User Configurable Start Date/Time and Sampling Frequency

    Requires Communication Box (#COMBOX), Data Transreceiver (#RF BOX), Data Receiver (#RF ANTENNA), Receiving Module (#PAN) and Mercury-Gna (#MERCURY-GNA) PC Software

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