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MSR160 Miniature Data Logger for Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure, 3-Axis Acceleration and 4 Analog Inputs

MSR160 Mini Datalogger w/ 4 Additional Analog Inputs

MSR Electronics Logger For Conventional Sensors with Analog Outputs

Part Number: MSR160

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  • 4 Integrated Analogue Inputs Sample up to 1000 per Second

  • Stores up to 2 Million Recorded Readings

  • 0 to 3.0 Volt Measurement Range for Analog Inputs (Additional Ranges Available: 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA, 0.5V to 4.5V, 0 to 5V, 1V to 6V, 0 to 10V, 0 to 12V and 0 to 24V by Special Order)

  • Each Analog Input Can Be Replaced with Internal or External Sensor

  • Internal Sensors Available for Temp, Humidity, Pressure & 3-Axis Acceleration

  • External Sensors Available for Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure and Acceleration

  • Made in Switzerland, Swiss Made Swiss Made - Made in Switzerland

Includes MSR Software and USB Cable

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MSR Data Loggers are Built to Order and Not Eligible for Return. All Sales Are Final.

Special order - please allow 2-3 weeks for this item to ship.


MSR160 Data Logger with 4 analogue inputs and microSD card

Four integrated analogue inputs, a high measurement rate of up to 1000/s per channel and its gigantic memory capacity, all packed into a small format are the key characteristics of the MSR160 data logger. The analogue inputs of the robust mini logger can be used for conventional sensors with analogue outputs (e.g. CO2, conductivity, pH etc). In addition, a multiple output switching power supply is also provided.

The highest performance in the smallest space!

The rugged quality data logger records over 2 000 000 measurement parameters. With the optional microSD card you can expand the memory capacity of your MSR160 to over one billion measurement parameters. All saved data can be rapidly transferred to a PC or laptop via the USB interface. The user-friendly data acquisition and analysis software is supplied free along with the data logger.

The basic specification of the MSR160 includes four analogue inputs. In addition you can also record temperature, humidity, pressure and attitude. If required, you can also connect external sensors in place of the internal ones (temperature, humidity or pressure), maximum two pieces.

Configure your own custom MSR160 variant here!

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1. Basic specification and technical data for the MSR160

Technical data Item no.
Data Logger MSR160: anodised aluminium case, PC
Standard IP 60
PC, not encapsulated
Analogue inputs: 4 analogue inputs with freely selectable input configuration: 0...20 mA; 4...20 mA; 0...3.0 V; 0.5...4.5 V; 0...5.0 V; 1.0...6.0 V; 0...10.0 V; 0...12.0 V; 0...24.0 V; 0...36.0 V; 0...48.0 V; Resolution: 12 bit
Measurement/storage rate: 1000/s per channel to every 12h
Housing: Anodised aluminium case, PC
Size & weight: 39 x 23 x 72 mm, approx. 80 g
Colour: Blue, anthracite
Medium: Air, various liquids
Key: Configurable pushbutton functions
Memory capacity: Over 2 Mio. measurement parameters, expandable to over 1 bn with optional microSD card.
Power supply: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery 900 mAh
Interface: USB
PC software: Setup, Reader, Viewer and Online software (Windows 7/8/10)


Data Logger MSR160: anodised aluminium case, PC
Waterproof IP 67
PC, encapsulated



2. Select the input configuration.

Analogue inputs Inputs Input configuration Item no.
Screw terminal for 4 analogue inputs.

Including alarm output and input
for starting and stopping data recording.
4 analogue inputs
(resolution: 12 bit)
Select the number of inputs for the
respective input configuration:

(1)   0...20 mA
(2)   4...20 mA
(3)   0...3.0 V
(4)   0.5...4.5 V / 0...5.0 V
(5)   0...10.0 V / 1.0...6.0 V
(6)   0...12.0 V
(7)   0...24.0 V
(8)   0...36.0 V
(9)   0...48.0 V


3. Select the sensors.

You can select various internal as well external sensors.

Measured parameter /
Measuring/storage rate
Working range /
External sensor (according to cable length)
0.20 m 1.00 m 1.60 m

1/s to every 12 h
external: -55...+125 °C
internal: -20...+65 °C

±0.5 °C (-10...+65 °C)
±2 °C (-55...+125 °C)
Item no. T2
Item no. FT2/020
Item no. FT2/100
Item no. FT2/160
Relative humidity
with integrated temperature

1/s to every 12 h
0...100 % rel. humidity
extern: -20...+85 °C
intern: -20...+65 °C

±2 % rel. humidity
(10...85 %, 0...+40 °C)
±4 % rel. Feuchte
(85...95 %, 0...+40 °C)
Item no. H
Item no. FH/020
Item no. FH/100
Item no. FH/160
Air pressure absolute,
with integrated temperature

1/s to every 12 h
0...2000 mbar absolute
extern: -20...+85 °C
intern: -20...+65 °C

±2,5 mbar
(750...1100 mbar absolute,
+25 °C)
Item no. P
Item no. FP/020
Item no. FP/100
Item no. FP/160
0...14 bar absolute
-20...+65 °C

±50 mbar
(1...10 bar abs., +25 °C)
Item no. P2
Item no. FP2/020
Item no. FP2/100
Item no. FP2/160

1/s to every 12 h
±15 g
-20...+65 °C

±0.15 g (0...5 g, +25 °C)
±0.25 g (5...10 g, +25 °C)
±0.45 g (10...15 g, +25 °C)
Item no. A
Item no. FA/020
Item no. FA/100
Item no. FA/160

1/s to every 12 h
0...65 000 lx
max. sensitivity
at 500 nm
Item no. L2
Item no. FL2/020
Item no. FL2/100
Item no. FL2/160

4. Would you like to expand the memory capacity of your MSR160 to over 1 billion measurement parameters?

Please order the expansion slot for plugging-in a standard microSD card here. Item no.
Expansion slot for microSD card (includes one formatted and ready for use ≥4GB microSD card). Please note that this expansion slot with plugged-in microSD-card only meets the protection category IP60. N10006

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