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Supco SL500TC Thermocouple Data Logger

  • Supco SL500TC Thermocouple Data Logger

SL500 Thermocouple Data Logger

Supco SL500 Series Data Logger for Measuring and Recording Temperature Using External Thermocouple Probe

Part Number: SL500TC

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  • Measure and Record Temperature Using Type J, K, E, N, T, S, R, B and C Thermocouple

  • LCD Shows Current Temperature Readings, Battery Status and Alarm Status

  • Logs up to 32,638 Temperature Readings

  • 1 Second to 9 Hour User-Selectable Sampling Rate

  • User-Replaceable AAA Batteries with 2 Year Life (Dependant upon Environment and Sampling Rate)

Includes Type K Thermocouple Probe, USB Cable (3) AAA Batteries, User Manual and Windows PC Software

Availability: In stock


All Calibration Orders Have a 5 to 7 Business Day Lead Time
1 Year Calibration Due Date Unless Otherwise Specified


SL500 Thermocouple Data Logger Specifications

Temperature Thermocouple Types: J, K, E, N, T, S, R, B, C
Resolution (Logged): 0.1°C (0.2°F)
Resolution (Display): 0.1°C (0.2°F) @ Up to 200°C
Cold Junction Accuracy: ±0.3°C (±0.5°F)
Supported Thermocouples Impedance: 50 Ohms Max
K: -250°C to 1300°C (-418°F to 2372°F) @ ±0.7°C Accuracy
J: -170°C to 1000°C (-274°F to 1832°F) @ ±0.6°C Accuracy
E: -200°C to 820°C (-328°F to 1508°F) @ ±0.4°C Accuracy
N: -200°C to 1300°C (-328°F to 2372°F) @ ±0.8°C Accuracy
T: -200°C to 400°C (-328°F to 752°F) @ ±0.7°C Accuracy
S: -50°C to 1760°C (-58°F to 3200°F) @ ±2.8°C Accuracy
R: -50°C to 1760°C (-58°F to 3200°F) @ ±2.8°C Accuracy
B: 20°C to 1820°C (68°F to 3308°F) @ ±3.3°C Accuracy
C: 0°C to 2320°C (32°F to 4208°F) @ ±1.7°C Accuracy
Type: K - Insulated Beaded Wire
Length: 1 Meter (40")
Measurement Rating: -40°C to 260°C (-40°F to 500°F)
Data Storage Capacity 32,638 Temperature Readings
Sampling Rate 1 Second to 9 Hours
Starting Modes Programmable Delayed Start or Push to Start
Logging Modes Stop When Full or Rollover First In First Out (FIFO)
Power Source 3 AAA Batteries (Alkaline or Lithium)
Battery Life Typically 2 Years
Note: Dependant on Sampling Rate and Environment
Display Functions Current Reading and Time, Logging Status, Alarm Status, Recorded Sample History and Battery Life
Alarm Visual - Blinking LED in Display for High/Low Alarm Thresholds
Time Accuracy ±100 ppm @ 24°C (74°F)
OS Compatibility Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit and 64-Bit Versions)
Calibration Single point offset calibration available through software
Standards Compliance CE
Dimensions 55mm x 57mm x 30mm (2.15" x 2.25" x 0.55")

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  • Answer:

    This logger ships with a Type K thermocouple however it is compatible with Type K in addition to others.

    If you have an existing thermocouple sensor you plan to use you will just need to make sure that it has a mini connector installed on it.

    If it is just terminated in bare wire you could disassemble the connector that comes with the included sensor and use that or purchase an additional one from our site or elsewhere.

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  • Answer:

    Here is a link to a complete listing of all the thermocouple sensors we offer.  Any of them would work or can be made to work with this logger.


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  • Answer:

    The logger only displays temperature.  It does not display voltage at all.

    The estimated battery life for this logger is up to two years.  The 9 hour specification has to do with sample rate, the logger can be configured to take a reading as quickly as once per second at its fastest rate or as slowly as once per 9 hours at its slowest rate.  The logger can store just over 32k readings in its memory.  You would need to select a sample rate that would allow you to record for the full duration of your 1 month period.   You should be able to sample once per 10 min and still have plenty of memory left.

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  • Answer:

    Once the logging session is complete, you download the data from the logger into the Supco Software by connecting the logger to the computer via the USB.  This is done by opening the software, clicking on "End Logging", then click on "Get Data". The data file can then be found  in the Supco file folder. Once you set up and start the logger for the next session, the data will be erased from the logger.

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