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Voltage & Current

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  1. Supco LOGiT LCV Current and Voltage Data Logger



    LOGiT Current and Voltage Data Logger

    • Measure and Record Single Phase AC Current and AC Voltage with External Sensors
    • Measurement Range of 0 to 300 Amp AC (Current) and 0 to 500 Volts AC (Voltage)
    • Records onto Internal Memory up to a Total of 21,500 Readings (10,750/ Sensor)
    • 1 Second to 18 Hour User-Selectable Sampling Rate
    • User-Replaceable Battery with 20 to 40 Month Life
    • Includes AC Current Clamp and 4.5 ft Voltage Leads

    Requires 9 Volt Battery and LOGiT PC Software Kit

  2. Reed Instruments R5003 AC Current and Voltage Data Logger



    2-Channel AC Current and Voltage Data Logger

    • 2 Channels for Measure and Record Single Phase AC Current and/or AC Voltage with External Sensors
    • Measurement Range of 10 to 200 Amp AC (Current) and 10 to 600 Volts AC (Voltage)
    • Records onto Internal Memory up to a Total of 256,000 Readings
    • 1 Second to 24 Hour User Selectable Sampling Rate
    • Powered by (4) AAA Alkaline and (1) 3 Volt Coin Cell User-Replaceable Batteries with 5 Day Life

    Includes AC Current Clamp, Voltage Sensor, USB Cable, Software and Batteries

  3. AccuEnergy Acuvim-L Power Meter & Analyzer



    Acuvim-l Series Multifunction Power Meter

    • Power Meter Measures 3-Phase Voltage, Current, Power (Reactive, Apparent, Active), Energy, Power Factor, Run Time, THD and Individual Harmonics to 15th and 25th order
    • (6) Different Model Options Provide for Digital Output, RS-485 Communications and Time-of-Use
    • (2) Different Alarm Parameters for High and Low Alarm Alerts
    • Compatible with Single or Three-Phase Electrical Systems
    • (2) Pulse Digital Outputs for kWh and kvarh with Configurable Rate and Width
    • ±0.2% Accuracy with ANSI C12.20 Standard for Revenue Grade Meters

    Includes AcuView Software

  4. AEMC L562 Simple AC Exception Voltage Data Logger: Captures Short-Term Events Such as Sags and Swells.



    L562 TRMS Voltage Current Simple Logger® II

    • Monitor and Record Current or Voltage Measurements Using External Probes
    • 240,000 Samples Stored in Non-Volatile Memory
    • 5 LED Indicators Quickly and Clearly Display Logger Status
    • Records up to 64 Samples/Cycle
    • Includes DataView Software for Real-Time Waveform Display, Analysis and Report Generation

    Requires a Current Probe Compatible with Voltage Output and BNC Connection

  5. ElitePro XC Recording Power Meter with Data Logging by Dent Instruments



    ElitePro XC Recording Power Meter

    • Measures, Stores and Analyzes 144 Different Electical Parameters Including Volts, Amps, Watts, Volt-Amps (VA), Volt-Amps Reactive (VAR), Kilowatts (kW), Kilowatt Hours (kHW), Power Factor and Harmonics through 63rd
    • Built-in USB and Ethernet Ports with Optional Bluetooth and WiFi Communication Port Options
    • (4) Current (up to 6000 Amps) and (3) Voltage (0 to 600 Volts AC or DC) Channels
    • (4) Analog Inputs for Voltage or Current, Temperature or Process Control Conditions
    • Reports Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), Crest Factor, Peak Voltage and Current
    • Line Powered and Draws Power from the USB Cable When Connected to a Computer
    • Recorded Readings Are Stored Internally onto 16MB of Non-Volatile Memory
    • (3) 2-Position and (1) 3-Position CT Connector Inputs
    • ELOG™ Software for ElitePro XC for Set-up, Data Retrieval, Analysis and Export
    • New! Mobile App for Access to Real-Time Data from Wi-Fi Enabled Elite Pro Meter

    Includes NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate, Crocodile Voltage Clips, 1.6 Meter USB Cable, Software on CD and Voltage Lead Set with Transformer

  6. Extech Voltage/Current Datalogger



    True RMS AC Voltage/Current Datalogger

    • Measures 2 AC Voltage Inputs or 2 AC Current Inputs or 1 AC Voltage and 1 AC Current Input Simultaneously
    • 1 Second to 24 Hour Sampling Rate, Stores up to 256,000 Measured Parameters
    • High/ Low User Programmable Alarms, Auto Power Off and Battery Check
    • LCD Displays Time/Date, Current Readings, Min/Max, and Alarm
    • Download Readings to Your PC via the USB Interface and Analyzed Using Included Software or Export to a Spreadsheet

    Includes (2) Current Sensor Modules, (2) Voltage Sensor Modules, (2) Sets of Test Leads and Alligator Clips, (4) AAA Batteries, (2) CR-2032 Button Batteries, Windows PC Software w/ USB Cable and Universal AC Adapter

  7. Monarch Instrument DataChart1250 Paperless Data Recorder



    DataChart 1250 Paperless Data Recorder

    • Measures DC Voltage, DC Current, thermocouples, RTD's as well as frequency and pulse inputs
    • Highly Reflective Twisted Nemantic LCD Display with Bright White LED Backlight
    • Measure Display and Record RPM (5 - 600,000 Range)
    • Easy to Follow Configuration Menu
    • Real Time Clock and Internal RAM for Preserving Data

    Includes Power Supply and Navigator Lite Software

  8. Accsense Electrocorder 3-Phase AC Current and Voltage Data Logger



    3 Phase AC Current and Voltage Data Logger

    • Measure and Record 3-Phase AC Current, AC Voltage and Power Factor with External Sensors
    • 0 to 500 Vrms (Voltage) and up to 3 kAmps AC (Current) Measurement Range
    • Accuracy of 1% of Reading (Voltage) and 2% of Range (Current) Typically
    • Records onto Internal Memory up to a Total of 96,000 Readings (32,000/Phase)
    • 2 Second to 60 Minute User-Selectable Sampling Rate
    • Powered by (4) 9-Volt Alkaline Batteries (User-Replaceable)

    Includes (3) Rogowski Current Transducers, Voltage Leads, USB Lead, Electrosoft PC Software and Carrying Case

  9. Extech 380803 True RMS Power Analyzer and Data Logger



    True RMS Power Analyzer Datalogger

    • 4 LCD Displays (Watts, Power Factor/VA, Voltage/Hz, Amps)
    • True RMS Voltage and Current Measurements of Sine, Square, Triangular and Distorted Wave Forms with a Crest Factor <5
    • Datalogger stores 1,012 readings with single record storage or continuous datalogging capability
    • Battery or AC Adapter Power Supply Options
    • Export Data thorugh Software

    Includes, Built-in Carrying Case, 117 VAC Adaptor, Power Cord, (8) AA Batteries, Windows Software and RS-232 Serial Cable

  10. Extech EX542 True RMS Wireless MultiMeter Data Logger w/ 433 MHz Frequency



    True RMS Wireless MultiMeter Data Logger w/ 433 MHz Frequency

    • True RMS Measurements for Accurate AC Voltage & Current Measurements
    • Real-Time Datalogging with Wireless Transmission Directly to PC (433MHz Frequency)
    • CAT IV-600V Safety Rating for Industrial Applications
    • Large Backlit Triple LCD Display
    • 1000 Volt Input Protection on All Functions

    Includes, Double Molded Test Leads, Magnetic Hanging Straps, Type K Bead Wire Temperature Probe, Remote Wireless Receiver with USB Cable, Windows PC Software, 9 Volt Battery & Carrying Case

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