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LogTag HAXO-8 Humidity and Temperature Data Recorder

LogTag HAXO-8 Humidity & Temperature Data Logger

Part Number: HAXO-8

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  • Measurement Range: -40°C to 85°C @ 0 to 100% RH

  • 2 to 3 Years of Battery Life @ 15 Minute Sampling Interval

  • Customizable Alarm Settings and LED Indicators

  • Designed with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Digital Signatures

  • Push Button Start with "Pre-Start" Fail Safe Logging

Requires USB Docking Station (LTI-HID). Software Available as a Free Download

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LogTag HAXO-8 Humidity and Temperature Data Logger Specifications

Measurement Range Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Humidity: 0 to 100% RH
(Limitations as detailed in Humidity Measurement Operating and Storage Conditions below.)
Resolution Temperature: <0.1°C or 0.1°F
Humidity: <0.1% RH
Accuracy Temperature: < ±0.5°C @ 25°C
Humidity: < ±3%RH @ 25°C
Data Storage Capacity 8,000 Humidity & Temperature Readings
Sampling Interval Adjustable, 30 seconds to several hours
Standards Compliance IP61
Power Source 3V Lithium Battery - Non-Replaceable
Battery Life Typically 2 to 3 Years of Normal Use @ 15 Minute Sampling Interval and Monthly Data Downloads
OS Compatibillity Windows 10, 8 and 7 (64-Bit and 32-Bit) Compatible
Storage Conditions Temperature: 0 to 40°C (-32°F to 140°F)
Humidity: 0 to 65% RH (Non-Condensing Environment)
Weight 35g
Case Material Polycarbonate
Dimensions 86mm x 54.5mm x 8.6mm (3.39" x 2.14" x 0.33")

Humidity Measurement Operating and Storage Conditions

Humidity Measurement Operating and Storage Conditions for LogTag Humidity and Temperature Data LoggerThis chart shows the normal recommended operating range of the LogTag Humidity sensor. Conditions outside the recommended range may temporarily offset the RH signal up to ±3%RH. After return to normal conditions, the LogTag humidity sensors will slowly return towards calibration state by itself. Prolonged exposure to extreme conditions may accelerate the aging of the HAX0-8 datalogger.

Re-Conditioning Procedure

Exposure of the internal sensor to chemical vapors can interfere with the internal logging sensors and cause inaccurate readings to be recorded. In a clean environment, this will slowly be self-corrected. However, exposure to extreme conditions or chemical vapors will require the folowing reconditioning procedure to bring the internal sensor back to calibration state.
1. 80°C (176°F) at <5%RH for 36 hours (baking) followed by
2. 20-30°C (70-90°F) at >74%RH for 48 hours (re-hydration).

High levels of pollutants may cause permanent damage to the internal datalogging sensors.

Exposure to Chemicals

Chemical vapors may interfere with materials used for the humidity sensor. The diffusion of chemicals into the sensor's polymer may cause a shift in both offset and sensitivity. In a clean environment the contaminants will slowly dissipate. The reconditioning procedure will accelerate this process. High levels of pollutants may cause permanent damage to the humidity sensor's polymer.

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  • Answer:

    The LogTag HAXO-8 logger will record both temperature and humidity at the same time.  You chose the recording interval during the configuration process.   When you view the recorded data you will see the recorded temp and humidity point with a time/date stamp.

    If you choose the calibration service for humidity it will be tested with a temperature and humidity point.  Once you select the humidity calibration service you will see a drop down menu that allows you to choose from various temperature/humidity combination points. 

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