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Multifunction & Multi-Purpose Data Loggers and Recorders

Multifunction & Multi-Purpose data loggers can be used for a wide variety of applications. These devices are typically multi-input/multi-channel and feature analog inputs for measuring from external sources. Most have selectable input ranges so you can match the input of the logger to the output of your sensor or other input source. These loggers can sample at high speeds which make them ideal for monitoring high frequency events and capturing transients.

Some multifunction and multi-purpose data loggers feature network connectivity or wireless connectivity allowing data to be viewed remotely. Choose a device with outputs in order to trigger other functions when certain conditions are met.

MicroDAQ.com offers a large selection of loggers ensuring that we probably have multiple options for almost any application. Our Technical Sales Representatives are available by chat, email, or phone and they are always happy to help you find the best solution for your particular application.


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  1. Graphtec GL840M - 20 Channel Midi Data Logger Expandable to 200 Channels



    GL840-M 20 Channel Midi Data Logger

    • 20 Isolated Input Channels for High Speed Voltage, Temperature, Humidity, Logic/Pulse Recordings
    • 10ms Sampling Rate When Limiting the Number of Channels in Use
    • Isolated Input System Ensures Signals are Not Corrupted by Other Channels
    • Supports 20mV to 50 Volts, Thermocouple Type: R, S, B, K, E, T, J, N and W and 4 Pulse or Logic Channels with Optional Cable (B-513)
    • PC Connection through USB or LAN Ethernet Ports
    • 7.0" TFT Colour LCD Display Shows Data in Waveform or Digital Format and Manage Logger Settings
    • Ring Memory Function Allows for the Most Recent Data to be Saved to Internal Memory or External Device
    • New! Transfer Data to Internal Storage (4GB) or External Storage (SD Memory Card up to 32GB)
    • WLAN Compatible Using GL100-WL and Optional Wireless LAN Unit (B-568)
    • All GL100 Sensors Can be Attached for Additional Measurement, Use the GL100 Dual Port Adapter for 2 Inputs

    Includes Software, 100 to 240 VAC Adapter and User Manual

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  2. MSR145 Multifunction Data Logger


    MSR145 Miniature Signal Data Recorder

    • Measures Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure and Acceleration Simultaneously and 2 or 4 Analog Inputs Also Available
    • Stores up to 2 Million (Internal Memory) or 1 Billion (SD Card) Total Readings
    • Rechargeable 900 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
    • Data from any number of loggers can be merged synchronously into a single Data Record
    • Accelerometer Range of ±15g with -20°C to 65°C Temperature Range
    • Made in Switzerland, Swiss Made Swiss Made - Made in Switzerland

    Includes Software CD, USB Cable and 4GB microSD Card

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  3. AEMC DL-1080 Universal Data Logger



    DL-1080 Universal Data Logger

    • (8) Analog Inputs, (8) Digital I/O and (2) Relay Outputs
    • Support for Thermocouples (Type J, K, T, E, N, R, S and B), Pt100, Pt1000, mA, MV and Voltage Sensors
    • USB, Ethernet and Modbus (RS-485) Communication Interfaces
    • Stores Recorded Readings onto Internal Memory (up to 532,480 Measurements) and External SD Card
    • Records up to 1000 Samples/second Aggregated Across all Channels
    • LCD Digital Display with Detachable Option Available (#DL-1081)

    Includes USB Cable, USB Stick with Software and User Manual

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  4. Monarch Instrument DataChart1250 Paperless Data Recorder



    DataChart 1250 Paperless Data Recorder

    • Measures DC Voltage, DC Current, thermocouples, RTD's as well as frequency and pulse inputs
    • Highly Reflective Twisted Nemantic LCD Display with Bright White LED Backlight
    • Measure Display and Record RPM (5 - 600,000 Range)
    • Easy to Follow Configuration Menu
    • Real Time Clock and Internal RAM for Preserving Data

    Includes Power Supply and Navigator Lite Software

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  5. Sensaphone Web600 Remote Monitoring System w/ 6 Sensor Inputs, Alarms and Relay Dry Contact Output



    Web600 Remote Monitoring System

    • Flexible Standalone Web-Based Remote Monitoring
    • 6 Channel Inputs for External Sensors to Monitor Equipment or Environmental Conditions
    • Trigger Alarm or Notification with SPST Relay Dry Contact Output
    • View Live Status and History in Browser on Website
    • 8 Alarm Level Notifications Sent via Email (SSL Encyption Not Supported), SMS or SNMP

    Includes Built-in Web Server with Web-Based Software and 120 Volt AC Power Supply

    Requires Purchase of at Least (1) External Sensor (Sold Seperately)

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  6. Graphtec GL100 Multifunction Data Logger



    GL100 Compact Multifunction Data Logger

    • Attachable and Exchangable Input Modules for Temperature, Humidity, Acceleration, Carbon Dioxide, Luminance, UV, Voltage, Current, Logic and Pulse
    • Stores Recorded Readings onto Internal Memory or MicroSD Card
    • 0.5 Second to 30 Seconds and 1 Minute to 60 Minutes User-Selectable Sampling Rate
    • Supports Up to (4) Channels
    • Available in USB and Wireless LAN Communication Versions

    Includes Software Application Supporting Windows 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista, Android 4.3+ and iOS 7.X+

    Requires External Sensor or Input Adapter.

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  7. AEMC L452 (Cat#2153.51) DC Voltage, DC Current, Event and Pulse Data Logger



    L452 DC Voltage, DC Current, Pulse and Event Simple Logger II

    • 2 Channel Inputs for DC Voltage, DC Current, Pulse and Event Measurements
    • Real-Time Display of Measurements Shown on Graphic LCD
    • Stores up to 16,000,000 Samples/Readings in Non-Volatile Memory Internally
    • Wireless Bluetooth and USB Communications for Data Download and Export to Computer
    • Powered by an External USB Cable or (2) AA Rechargeable Batteries

    Includes USB Cable, USB to DC Power Adapter, 6-pin Screw Terminal Block, (2) Rechargeable Batteries, DataView Software and User Manual

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  8. Onset HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring System with USB Communications



    HOBO U30 System w/ USB Communications

    • Remote Data Logging and Monitoring Device with USB Communications
    • Data Uploaded and Viewed in your Internet Browser at HOBOLink.com
    • Electronics Housed Within a Rugged Double-Weatherproof, Tamper Proof Enclosure
    • Attach up to 15 Plug-and-Play Smart Sensors with Easy Set-up and Instructions
    • 3 to 5 Year Life with User-Replaceable Rechargeable Battery
    • Includes Alarm Output Relay (Activated, Deactived or Pulsed) On User-Defined Sensor Alarms

    Requires U30 Base Unit, Power Adapter or Solar Panels, Minimum of 1 Compatible Smart Sensor and Type A to Mini B USB Cable (#CABLE-USBMB-HS). HOBOware PRO (Paid Download Version) Software.

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  9. Measurement Computing LGR-5325 High Speed 16-Channel Multifunction Data Logger with 100 kS/s Sampling Rate



    16-Channel High Speed Multifunction Logger w/ 100 kS/s Sampling

    • (16) Single-Ended Analog Inputs, (16) Digital Inputs and (4) Quadrature Counter Inputs
    • ±1 Volt, ±5 Volts, ±10 Volts and ±30 Volts Analog Input Measurement Ranges
    • SD Card for Data Storage and Loading Configuration Data onto Logger
    • Single 500 Volt Alarm Output with Trigger
    • Powered by 9 to 30 Volt External Power Adapter

    Includes AC Power Adapter, USB Cable, 4 GB SD Card and DAQLog Software

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  10. MSR Electronics MSR145WD Wireless Bluetooth Data Logger


    MSR145WD Wireless Data Logger and Recorder with Bluetooth Communications

    • Measures and Records Temperature, Humidity, Light, Pressure and Acceleration Simultaneously
    • Stores up to 1 Million Total Readings onto Internal Non-Volatile Memory
    • OLED Display Shows Graphical History or Data of Recorded Readings
    • View Data on Any Device (Phone, Tablet or Computer) Using Optional Cloud Storage (MSR SmartCloud)
    • Built-in Bluetooth for Transmitting Data to MSR SmartCloud for Review and Analysis
    • Lithium Polymer Battery is Recharged by Using USB Cable (Included) and PC Computer
    • Data from any number of loggers can be merged synchronously into a single Data Record
    • Made in Switzerland, Swiss Made Swiss Made - Made in Switzerland

    Includes Software CD, USB Cable and Access to MSR SmartCloud

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